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Providing professionals who are struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues with confidential assistance including evaluations, intervention guidance, life coaching, treatment provider referrals and a comprehensive monitoring program.

Self Referral Program
When you reach out to WPAP, we will first provide a personalized consultation to determine how WPAP can be of the most assistance. These services can include life-coaching, referrals, screenings and monitoring.
Licensing Board Referrals
WPAP accepts referrals from the Wyoming Boards of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dental Examiners, Veterinary Medicine, and the Wyoming State Bar.
Educational Programming
WPAP offers an educational presentation ideal for informing your staff, students or other interested parties about professionals struggling with substance abuse and/or mental health issues and how WPAP assists Wyoming professionals in their personal and professional recovery.

Program Overview

Wyoming Professional Assistance Program (WPAP) provides a confidential resource to professionals with substance use or mental/behavioral health conditions. Our services are completely confidential. Neither your circumstances or your identity will ever be disclosed without your written authorization. This confidentially is ensured by Federal Regulations 42 CFR Part 2 and Wyoming State Statute 33-1-115.

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  • I spent months sporadically attending AA meetings and counseling until it was suggested that I turn to the WPAP program to help me. The WPAP helped me stay accountable for my treatment and more importantly show me other professionals are going through similar hardships as me and that I wasn’t alone.
    WPAP Participant
  • I truly appreciate WPAP... they have been very willing to talk to me and not make me feel judged or like a “hopeless” case. The road to recovery has been challenging for me, at times I do really well and at times I struggle. Attending meetings, counseling and leaning on WPAP has kept me on track.
    WPAP Participant
  • I am forever grateful to a solid recovery program, people who believe in me and faith. As a recovering addict it is so important to have help in being held accountable, that is exactly what WPAP has done for me. I appreciate that the WPAP staff are so personable; they treat me with dignity and I never feel that I’m not important.
    WPAP Participant

About WPAP

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Candice Cochran, MSPR

Candice Cochran, MSPR

Executive Director

John Ordiway, MS, LPC, LAT

John Ordiway, MS, LPC, LAT

Clinical Director

Elina Chernyak, DO

Elina Chernyak, DO

Medical Director