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WPAP provides free services including a self-check questionnaire, evaluations, consultations, intervention guidance, life coaching and treatment provider referrals. We also offer a comprehensive monitoring program allowing those in recovery to build personal and professional accountability. 

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Per state statute, we must contract with a licensing authority to offer services to their licensees.

We currently contract with the following: 


Free Evaluations

Free Evaluations offer an initial assessment at no cost to determine a client’s needs and how specific services can best support them. This preliminary session allows for an open discussion about goals, challenges, and potential solutions, providing a clear picture of the benefits and structure of the services available. Free evaluations are an excellent opportunity to explore options without financial commitment.

Provider Referrals

Provider Referrals connect individuals with the most suitable professionals or services to address their specific needs. This service involves a thorough assessment of a client’s requirements and preferences, followed by recommendations for highly qualified and reputable providers. WPAP maintains a referral list of over 70 mental health providers throughout the state.

Monitoring Programs

A Monitoring Program is a structured service that tracks an individual’s progress over time to ensure they remain on track toward achieving their recovery goals. This program allows individuals to develop accountability in their recovery for themselves and, with a signed release of information, their employers and/or licensing authority.

Life Coaching

WPAP does not offer treatment, but we do provide up to three life coaching sessions designed to help individuals set and achieve their personal and professional goals. Through one-on-one sessions, a WPAP clinician provides guidance, support, and strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs and aspirations. Whether it’s improving work-life balance, enhancing relationships, or finding career direction, life coaching empowers clients to unlock their full potential and lead more fulfilling lives.

Personalized Support

Confidential Self-Referral Program

All Self-Referrals are completely confidential. WPAP will not disclose information to any outside entity without a signed release.

When you reach out to WPAP, you will be scheduled for a CONFIDENTIAL conversation with our clinical director. This personalized consultation will give direction as to how WPAP can provide the most assistance to you in your recovery. These services can include additional evaluations, life-coaching, referrals, screenings and/or monitoring.


Anonymous Online Questionnaire

To get confidential feedback and support from a Licensed WPAP Clinician, we invite you to take a few minutes to visit wpap.connectsyou.org and complete the brief online Self-Check Questionnaire. Once completed, a WPAP Clinician will review your questionnaire and provide you with a personalized response that may include recommendations and next steps for support and resources, including options for mental health counseling.

Using this service is completely voluntary and anonymous. You will not have to share who you are unless you want to.

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Call Our Team

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Visit our resources page to find support and more information.
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My process of recovery is life-long, but I am confident that the tools gained from working with WPAP will help me stay on track. I am absolutely grateful to the WPAP program, to all those who participate in the program, and to the governing bodies that oversee it.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Wyoming Professional Assistance Program

WPAP is a confidential support program designed to assist professionals in Wyoming who may be facing challenges related to addiction and substance use, mental health issues, burnout, stress, anxiety, depression or other personal concerns. Our program offers a range of services to support individuals in the Healthcare and Law professions in their personal and professional recovery journeys.
WPAP services are available to a wide range of professionals across various industries in Wyoming, including licensees of the Wyoming Boards of Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Dental Examiners, Pharmacy and the Wyoming State Bar.
Yes, confidentiality is a cornerstone of WPAP. All communications and interactions with WPAP staff are strictly confidential, and information about individuals seeking professional assistance is kept private in accordance with state and federal laws.
To access WPAP services, individuals can contact us directly by phone or email. Referrals can also be made by employers, healthcare providers, or other concerned parties.
No, there is no cost for individuals to access WPAP services. Our program is funded through contracts with the licensing boards. Participants in the monitoring program are required to cover their own testing fees.